Katka Hornychová

My studio is located in Doubravice near by Dvůr Králové nad Labem, where I have been creating already 11 years.

After graduating from SPŠT, Textile fine art and design, in Brno and from TU in Liberec, I spent several years in a textile factory, TIBA. I create hand-painted trademark clothing in small collections or just singular originals with guaranteed exclusivity. My clothes are sold in several shops around the Czech republic and the sets include e.g. dresses, skirts, blouses, tunics, T-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, jackets, scarfs etc. Each piece I tailor, dye and paint with love. And try to put my ideas and energy into it.

Also, I offer interior wall paintings. You can meet them in a number of kindergartens and in other public places. My painted clothes are worn by kindergarten teachers or nurses of a children´s ward of the Hospital Na Karlově, in Prague.

I design patterns for bed linen screen printing.

Because of a person, which copies my paintings or tries to imitate them, you cannot find many new photos on my websites. If you wish an original, look for a painting with my signature „Ka“ and an original label. Either you can visit any of the shops, mentioned below, or come personally to my studio in Doubravice.

Applied motives are the work of Kateřina Hornychová Baliharová and are protected by copyright.