1989 - 1993  High School of Textile Craftsin Brno, major in Textile art, studies finished by graduation

1993 - 1996 The Technical university of Liberec, major in Textile and fashion design under academic painter Svatoslav Krotký, studies finished by bachelor´s exam (my diploma work was exhibited at the Berlin´s trade fair Deco-in)

1996 - 1997 University of Hradec Králové, Textile work under academic painter Daniel Václavík, I terminated the studies after a year


1995 workshop of non-woven tapestry at Vlněna Brno – free art

1996 workshop of non-woven tapestry in Liberec – free art

1997 – 2000 employed in TIBA Dvůr Králové, department of promotion and marketing services

1999 exhibition of non-woven tapestry in the gallery Na Houpačce, Dvůr Králové

1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006 trademark fashion shows in Trutnov

2003 trademark fashion show in Vrchlabí

2002 - 2010 member of the Doubravice Council

2003 ceramics workshop Kohoutov

since 2004 freelance

2004 - 2006 external staff member of the University Hradec Králové in Textile art and practice in textile production

2004 - 2008 children art club in Doubravice

2004 kindergarten interior paintings in Lanžov

2004, 2005, 2006 Fairy tale town Jičín;presentation of T-shirts painting and sale

2004 - 2010 Kohoutov fair; presentation of T-shirts painting and sale

2004 Institution for eye disorders Dvůr Králové; children bedrooms decorations

2004 - 2006 volunteer activity, e.g. Milíč house in Jaroměř; textile painting

2004 - 2013 volunteer activity; e.g. St. Joseph´s Home in Žireč; T-shirts painting for the clients with multiple sclerosis

2005 fashion show at Aqua centre Špindlerův Mlýn

2006 interior painting in the Municipal library Dvůr Králové

2006 T-shirts painting for the public in the Municipal library Dvůr Králové

2006 interior painting in the kindergarten Lanžov

2006 painting of the church clock face in Chroustov

2007 T-shirts painting lessons for the public in Trutnov

2007 T-shirts painting for children, Trutnov

2007 ceramics workshop; mosaic and tile in Kohoutov

2007 Institution for eye disorders enterance hall decorations, Dvůr Králové

2007 interior painting in the kindergarten Dvůr Králové

2007 fashion show in Vrchlabí

2008 fashion show in Trutnov

2008 chapel paintings restoration in Kostěnice

2009 interior painting in the Municipal Library Hradec Králové, Department of Music

2009 interior painting in the Hospital Na Karlově, Prague, maternity ward

2009 Institution for eye disorders canteen realization; general interior design, including furniture, painting and decorations, Dvůr Králové

2010 sale exhibition Gallery Barbara, Hradec Králové

2010 Institution for eye disorders staircase painting, Dvůr Králové

2010 Children´s library department painting, Hradec Králové

2011 Institution for eye disorders playroom and canteen realization; general interior design, including furniture, painting and decorations, Dvůr Králové

2011 Children´s Hospital Na Karlově, Prague; lobby wall paintings

2012 kindergarten Klíček Hradec Králové; hallway paintings

2012 fashion show in Jaroměř

2012 - 2013 two-semester course: Manager education for nonprofit organizations

2013  Children´s Hospital Na Karlově, Prague; lobby glass painting

2013  fashion shows in Bohdaneč spa, Lázně pod Zvičinou, Vamberk

2013 Institution for eye disorders Dvůr Králové; manufacture of wall decorations and paintings in three children´s bedrooms

2014 pub U Hrdinů, Doubravice; wall painting of Krakonoš

2014 Faculty Hospital Na Karlově, Prague; Children´s ward lobby painting

2014 fashion show in the Municipal Library Hradec Králové

2015 kindergarten Kostelec nad Orlicí; staircase wall paintings

2015 fashion show in Brno